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No one has ever done anything truly great, truly alone.

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Justina Sade, the visionary behind Hella High Magic Media, shines as a an emerging visionary in the realms of creativity and marketing. Residing in the lively Bay Area of Northern California, she embodies the essence of a iconic Queer Black Femme single mom, captivating those around her with her dynamic humor, bold style, and distinct branding. Justina leverages her expertise to empower clients within her community, connecting them with their audiences and driving conversions through the right technology and sustainable marketing strategies.


    • Growing up as a Queer Weird Black Femme, I had the privilege of exploring my interests, but I lacked a clear focus on the impact I wanted to create. When I unexpectedly became a single mom, I realized that much of my time was spent merely getting through each day, leaving my true aspirations on the back burner. However, everything began to change when I returned to the Bay Area. It felt like this place had a magical influence that transformed my vision of the future. And I’m so grateful that it has offered the ideal setting for me to transition from surviving to thriving, focusing on my journey towards success.
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    • At the core of my being, I champion authenticity, resilience, and community. Life, to me, is about embracing the full spectrum of our experiences, finding strength in vulnerability, and the power of our collective voices. I approach each day with the belief that our quirks and differences are not just to be accepted but celebrated, fueling my passion to create spaces where everyone feels seen and heard. Grounded in the lessons learned from my own journey, I strive to foster an environment of growth and acceptance, both personally and within my community. My commitment is to live openly, love fiercely, and empower those around me to do the same, always moving forward with the conviction that together, we can craft a world that thrives on the working with each other.



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Hella High Magic Media

Founded a solo digital agency offering marketing, design, branding, podcast production, web development, and AI/LLM consulting to creatives and underrepresented entrepreneurs, achieving a 60% repeat business rate by providing tailored solutions for a niche market.

Lead Instructor

Thrive Dx

Crafted and iteratively enhanced a comprehensive curriculum in digital marketing and branding, incorporating the latest industry trends and practices, which led to a 40% boost in student engagement at top universities.

Account Manager

Jellyfish Group

Skillfully directed 30+ client portfolios with a $2.6 million programmatic advertising budget, deploying targeted strategies across paid media channels that elevated ROI by 20% for key clients, including Salesforce and Redbubble.

No one has ever done anything truly great, truly alone.

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Justina Sade M.A.

Hella High Magic Media

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